My pedagogy utilizes history to teach students critical thinking, rhetoric, and writing skills. My education and teaching background are composed of the interdisciplinary field of Chicano/Latino Studies with an emphasis on Chicano/Latino history. This background allows me to utilize the fields of history, education, culture, labor, and migration in my teaching pedagogy. My pedagogy focuses on praxis (theory and action) in and out of the classroom. This pedagogy encourages students to transform the world around them by focusing on social change through theory, practice, and reflection.

My teaching methods and strategies are based on a critical dialogue between students and teacher. In my courses, students will read, discuss, and analyze materials composed of counter-narratives of Communities-of-Color. They will engage these materials by examining the intersections of race, class, and gender. The goal of these teaching methods and strategies is to develop the students’ critical thinking, rhetoric, and writing skills to be successful within and outside of the classroom.

The key to a successful teaching pedagogy is the willingness to receive critical feedback from colleagues and students. The feedback from my teaching & student evaluations has allowed me to examine “what worked or did not work” in the classroom, which has improved my overall teaching pedagogy. These opportunities have provided me with mentorship and guidance to become an effective educator, and it’s also important to learn from mistakes.

With every course that I teach, I continue to revise sections of the curriculum to fit the changing environment of Communities-of-Color in the United States, but the core concepts continue to focus on praxis in and out of the classroom. Many conversations with my colleagues & students have provided me with critical guidance in and out of the classroom. In return, it has made me a better mentor and educator.

Bowling Green State University, Department of Ethnic Studies

ETHN 1010 – Introduction to Ethnic Studies

ETHN 1100 – Introduction to Latina/o Studies

ETHN 2110 – History of Mexican Americans

ETHN 3100 – Mexican Culture

ETHN 3120 – Chicana/os in the United States

ETHN 3300 – Race & Labor in the United States

ETHN 4200 – Latino/a Cultural Studies

ETHN 4800 – Latina/o Educational Pipeline

California State University, Channel Islands, Chicana/o Studies Program

CHS 100 – Chicana/os in Contemporary Society

CHS 402 – Southern California Chicana/o History and Culture