Oxnard’s UFWOC Office: 1972 And Now

The office was located at 517 Cooper Road in La Colonia in 1972:

Source: Association of Mexican American Educators, Vol. 1, no. 9 (May 1972).

Now, in 2011 the location is a market:

Courtesy of the author’s photo collection.


Archives and (Im)migration

More research, I was in the Oxnard Public Library this week looking at microfilm again! I was finally able to find the following article, “Mexican-American taking ever greater role in city,” Oxnard Press-Courier, 24 Sep 1948. Which was cited in Jeffrey Maulhardt, Beans, Beets & Babies.

Also, this week I made two trips to the Museum of Ventura County, one to take more photos of the Santa Paula Chronicle articles on the Ventura County Citrus (Lemon) Strike of 1941. The second one to see the exhibit on The Braceros in Ventura County.