Chiques History Note #10 – La Colonia Boxing Gym

Chiques History Notes is a series of posts based on my research on Oxnard, CA.

The historical La Colonia Boxing Gym located at 520 East First Street has served the Latina/o/x community in multiple different ways since 1944.

Source: Oxnard Press-Courier, 10 May 1944.

First, the city used it for Fire Station No. 2, which moved to 531 East Pleasant Valley Road in 1965.

Source: Oxnard Press-Courier, 2 Jun 1965.

Second, they used it for many different types of local community services and groups.

Source: The Press-Courier, 29 Jun 1968.

And finally, it becomes the home of the famous La Colonia Youth Boxing Club.

Ironically, as of yesterday, June 6, 2019, both the gym and the fire station No. 2 was on the city chopping block for significant budget cuts. But, a mass outcry and organizing from the working-class community of Oxnard steered the city council away from cutting them.