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Traffic, Archives, and Braceros

I forget how bad traffic is in the Los Angeles Metro (including Ventura & Santa Barbara Countries). I have been living in Mid-Michigan for over three years and only have experienced minimum traffic in the Detroit Metro! When I was trapped in traffic on the 101 Freeway, I was thinking about the how the State Freeway and Federal Interstate Systems had destroyed Mexican communities throughout California. In Ventura County, the 101 Freeway eased the Mexican communities of Tortilla Flats in Ventura, CA and downsized the Barry Street area of Camarillo, CA. Here are some photos of the Tortilla Flats Mural Project in Ventura sharing the history of the area to the public.

After sitting in traffic, I was able to return to the Charles E. Young Research Library at UCLA. I was trying to track down microfilm boxes in the Charles C. Teague Papers but no luck this time! But I had the opportunity to stop by the University of California Southern Regional Library Facility where I was able to track down issues of the Farm Labor. The Citizens for Farm Labor published this newsletter under the leadership of Henry Anderson.

Henry Anderson was a key organizer, like Ernesto Galarza who called for the end of the Bracero Program! His drive to end the program is highlighted in Guest Workers or Colonized Labor?: Mexican Labor Migration to the United States by Gilbert Gonzalez. In addition to this book, Anderson research was used for the new documentary Harvest of Loneliness.