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Guerrillera/os de la Pluma, Spring/Summer 2013!

I had the opportunity to be the editor of the Guerrillera/os de la Pluma for over a decade! Before the passing of our comrade, Ernesto Bustillos in 2012, I had decided to step down as the editor and focus on other media projects. I thank my comrades in struggle for the following acknowledgment:

The Raza Press and Media Association would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge publicly years of service and sacrifice by compañero Luis Moreno who had recently stepped down as editor of Guerrillera/os de la Pluma after over a decade of service. The work the compañero has done in promoting the RPMA, building the newswire and making Guerrillera/os a quality publication is immeasurable and we cannot recognize him and his contribution enough. He has worked “behind the scenes” doing the vital work of making sure we go to press, of editing, and laying out the issues tirelessly year in and year out. We also take the time here to recognize the articles he has written the contributions to Chicano Studies and bringing a scholarship committed to struggle to the forefront. Gracias compañero Luis as you continue to contribute in different ways to the work of the RPMA and to the struggle and the movimiento as a whole.

And finally, the new issue of the Guerrillera/os de la Pluma is out! Under the direction of Francisco Romero and a great team of writers and media workers!