in Oxnard

Summer is here!

File Jun 23, 9 02 15 PMLike always, every summer I return to blogging. The summer gives me the opportunity to practice my writing skills and share my research & thoughts about the world around me to everyone.

Right now, I’m in Chiques hanging out with my family. My goal is work on the following projects:

  1. Searching For Memories In La ColoniaMigration, Labor, And Activism In Oxnard, California, 1930-1980 (manuscript)
  2. “Aliens” In Ohio: Constructing The Narrative Of Mexicans In The Midwest, 1930’s—1950’s (article)
  3. Cruisin’ With Los Veteranos: Community And Identity In Southern California (article)

Hopefully, I finish something. Plus, I’m enjoying eating some Mexican food!!